Best TikTok Agencies

10 Best TikTok Marketing Agencies in 2023

1. The Influencer Marketing Factory

The Influencer Marketing Factory is a global influencer marketing agency that works in many core social media channels, including TikTok. This TikTok influencer marketing agency focuses on matching your business with relevant TikTok influencers by discovering your company’s current and potential target audiences. Once understanding your business goals, the agency is committed to creating hashtag challenges and exceptional results and ROI.

We can proudly say that we have already delivered 100+ TikTok marketing campaigns and 1B of views on TikTok for our clients.

The Influencer Marketing Factory

2. MediaKix

Leading influencer marketing agency helping brands launch campaigns with top social media influencers on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch.

3. Socially Powerful

A global social marketing agency that exists for brands to communicate in the now. Practitioners, creatives, influencers and social media specialists form their founding team, with social so ingrained in their agency’s veins that, for their clients, they guarantee results outperforming traditional channels.

4. HireInfluence

HireInfluence is a full-service influencer marketing agency producing intent-driven
campaigns that merge the needs of brands, audiences & influencers.

5. Stargazer

They are a team of best in class marketers and technologists who are passionate about social media and the influencer world.
They also help thousands of content creators to turn their passion into a career.

6. GrowMojo

GrowMojo uses innovative marketing strategies and techniques to help you beat your competition for the best customers. Their data-driven process allows us to leverage both established marketing platforms and emerging marketing opportunities to ensure the most cost-efficient customer acquisition.

7. Obviously

They are a full-service influencer marketing agency, built to guide you through every step of the process, perfectly tailoring each campaign to meet your unique business needs.


PMYB is the only Chromo-Influencerâ„¢ marketing agency in the world. They empower leading B2C brands to improve their influencer marketing ROI by using Chromo-Influencers, the most effective and relevant influencers for any particular campaign.

9. Sociably

Sociably is a creative agency specialising in producing influencer marketing campaigns for the luxury sector

10. Zorka.Mobi

Their engaging stories are backed up with advertising science and have a global reach thanks to Influencer Marketing, User Acquisition and a stand-alone Affiliate Network